sábado, 14 de novembro de 2015

A shelter... in a lobby?!

This is the story how I built a shelter, in survival, in a lobby of the server Freddit.

The Beggining

The new lobby has been recently added. I was walking around when I received some lag. To test if the lag stopped, I broke a block.

To my surprise, the block was removed and it dropped in the ground. This is how I found out spawn could be edited.

I'm not a griefer. I wasn't going to grief the spawn. So, I decided to exit it.
Breaking and placing blocks, I got out of it. I decided to make a little signature:

After walking some time, I found something peculiar:

It appears the lobby is a plot. This gave me access to wood, a crucial resource to develop my shelter. You can see how I'm gaining even more materials:

With wood, I could make a wooden pickaxe and get cobblestone. Soon, I had stone tools.

Building the Shelter

Nice, I have enough resources to build an actual shelter! I don't want it too much big.

Perfect location!

With the stone pickaxe I dug the whole in the mountain.

Eventually I added a double chest, a crafting table and a furnace.

The Destruction

When I started building the Mountain Shelter I knew it would come the day that we couldn't no longer build/break blocks. The day came on 14 of November, 3 days after the shelter was built.

I showed some people what I have done, we were fooling around and Ryan destroyed the shelter with fireballs. It could be easily rebuilt, and I never got angry at him. It was just a joke. (they didn't leave me alone, they were behind me)

Someone actually removed all the blocks down to bedrock (that could be easily //undo'd). I survived.

Call whatever you want to call it: luck, coincidence, whatever. The truth is the Mountain Shelter saved myself from immintent death. Everyone inside it died.


This wasn't the end of the Mountain Shelter. Ryan built a little garden by the shelter.

After that, I told everyone there was a way to get to the shelter without opening the doors.

I designed this secret entrance because, once the permissions would get fixed, noone could open doors. I told that there was a secret parkour, and they went ahead to find it.

You can tell how everyone enjoyed this little "treasure hunt". When we got there, the friendly admin Stickman helped me reconstruct the Mountain Shelter!

Thanks to Stickman, the Mountain Shelter was reborn. He actually did me a favor:

I wasn't done with the Mountain Shelter. My plans were to get wood, use that as a fuel to burn cobblestone and make smooth stone bricks.

That would take an awful lot of time. And he completed it just as I intended to!

Everything but the glowstone was what I wanted to make. Thanks to Stickman, the Mountain Shelter was rebuilt just as I inteded.

Everything but the glowstone was just like I imagined the Mountain Shelter.

The Mountain Shelter can still be found in the server Xeon, one of the portals to the subserver Freddit. It's now like a souvenir, a memory that will and still is an easter egg.

Thank you for reading.


domingo, 21 de julho de 2013

Kill da Semana #1 - Herculestune

Boas pessoal!

Bem-vindos ao novo blogue de Hunger Games. Hoje estou trazendo o Kill da Semana, que foi feito por o jogador Herculestune da equipa #CuecasTeam

Ele estava a jogar de Stomper e fez uma stompada fantástica. Fez um Quadra-Kill só num salto.

Aqui vai a screen shot:

Podemos ver que a Stompada de Hercules matou toda a equipa da #JesusTeam

Vítimas Mortas: RubensD, nonolauzi, mateg2626, Migavsc, Zoocanadanda (eu morri antes pois eu estava a batalhar com ele em cima da torre)

Foi quase uma Quinta-Kill , mas eu morri por dano de queda e não da sua stompada.

Até mais!